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2016 (Publication)

2016 Locat, J., Turmel, D., Habersetzer, M., Trottier, A.-P., Lajeunesse, P., St-Onge, G. 2016. Earthquake-induced landslides in Lake Éternité, Québec, Canada. Submarine mass movements and their consequences, Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research 41, Springer, (...)

2015 (Publication)

2015 Gulick, S.P.S., Jaeger, J.M., Mix, A.C., Asahi, H., Bahlburg, H., Belanger, Christina, Benedetti Berbel, G.B., Childress, L., Cowan, E., Davies, M., Drab, L., Dottori, F., Forwick, M., Fukumura, A., Ge, S., Gupta, S., Kioka, A., Konno, S., LeVay, L., März, C., Matsuzaki, K., McClymont, (...)

2014 (Publication)

2014 Guyard*, Francus, P., St-Onge, G., Hausmann, S. Pienitz, R. 2014. Microfacies and microstructures of subglacial and subsequent deglacial sediments from the Pingualuit Crater Lake (Ungava, Canada). Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 51, 1084-1096. Magyari, E. K., Veres, D., Wennrich, (...)

2013 (Publication)

2013 Lajeunesse, P., St-Onge, G., Locat, J., Duchesne, M.J., Higgins, M.D., Sanfaçon, R., Ortiz, J. 2013. The Corossol structure : a possible impact crater on the seafloor of the northwestern Gulf of St. Lawrence, Eastern Canada. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 48, 2542-2558. Roger*, J., (...)

2012 (Publication)

2012 St-Onge, G., Chapron, E. , Mulsow, S., Salas*, M., Viel, M., Debret, M., Foucher, A., Mulder, T., Winiarski, T., Desmet, M., Costa, P.J.M., Ghaleb, B., Jaouen, A., Locat, J. 2012. Comparison of earthquake-triggered turbidites from the Saguenay (Eastern Canada) and Reloncavi (Chilean (...)

2011 (Publication)

2011 Antoniades, D., Francus, P., Pienitz, R., St-Onge, G., Vincent, W.F. 2011. Holocene dynamics of the Arctic’s largest ice shelf. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 : 18899–18904. Voir aussi le commentaire sur cet article. Hodgson, D.A. 2011. First synchronous retreat of (...)

2010 (Publication)

2010 Barletta*, F., St-Onge, G., Stoner, J.S., Lajeunesse, P, Locat, J. 2010. A high-resolution Holocene paleomagnetic secular variation and relative paleointensity stack from eastern Canada. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 298 :162-174. Barletta*, F., St-Onge, G., Channell, J.E.T., (...)

2009 (Publication)

2009 Lisé-Pronovost*, St-Onge, G., Brachfeld, S., Barletta*, F., Darby, D. 2009. Paleomagnetic constraints on the Holocene stratigraphy of the Arctic Alaskan margin. Global and Planetary Changes, 68 : 85-99. Brachfeld, S., Barletta*, F., St-Onge, G., Darby, D., Ortiz, J. 2009. Impact of (...)

2008 (Publication)

2008 St-Onge, G., Lajeunesse, P., Duchesne, M.J., Gagné*, H. 2008. Identification and dating of a key Late Pleistocene stratigraphic unit in the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf (Eastern Canada). Quaternary Science Reviews, 27 : 2390-2400. Barletta*, F., St-Onge, G., Channell, J.E.T., Rochon, (...)

2007 (Publication)

2007 Guyard*, H., Chapron, E., St-Onge, G., Anselmetti, F., Arnaud, F., Magand, O., Francus, P., Mélières, M.-.A., 2007. High-altitude varve records of abrupt environmental changes and mining activity over the last 4000 years in the Western French Alps (Lake Bramant, Grandes Rousses Massif). (...)

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