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News June 15th 2011

Friday 10 June 2011

CAT-scan & micro CAT-scan}

The laboratory recently obtained a GEOTEK MSCL-XCT specifically designed for digital X-ray analysis of sediment cores of up to 150 cm with a resolution of 100-150 cm.

In addition, since the core can rotate, computed tomographic reconstructions are also possible. These high-resolution images will be used for 3D reconstruction of the cores, as well as to rapidly visualise the sedimentary structures of a large number of sediment cores.

This new instrument, together with the recent update of ISMER’s Multi Sensor Core Logger and the acquisition of a micro CAT-scan, places ISMER as a leader in the analysis of sediment cores.

The new SkyScan 1173 micro CAT-Scan ( will allow to image sedimentary structures and internal composition of cores with a resolution of a few microns. Both instruments should be installed and operational in fall.

Figure 1 :The new GEOTEK MSCL-XCT. A) System with its lead shielding et B) diagram of its internal configuration and operation, allowing the acquisition of computed tomographic images (CAT-scan).

Figure 2 : micro CT SkyScan 1173

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