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Quaternary stratigraphy and climatic changes

Part of the research conducted in the laboratory is aimed at establishing the Quaternary stratigraphy of marine and lacustrine sedimentary sequences from both hemispheres: Eastern Canada, the Arctic and Patagonia. This work is based on high-resolution magnetostratigraphy, but also on the acquisition and interpretation of long sedimentary sequences, as well as seismic and bathymetric profiles acquired in collaboration with several researchers and institutions (e.g, GEOTOP, ArcticNet, Geological Survey of Canada, IODP, ICDP). The students and researchers of the laboratory also use the magnetic and physical properties of the sediment to develop high-resolution tracers of Quaternary climatic and environmental changes.

The drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution from the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP). Photo: Matthias Forwick.

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