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Fieldwork and geophysics

Uwitec platform (Fieldwork and geophysics)

This plateform can be used for piston coring with the Uwitec corer (mettre lien de notre site avec le carottier) in lakes and coastal areas, as well as for geophysical surveys (see below). Uwitec platform Example of a Uwitec platform. (a) Platform used for a multibeam bathymetric (...)

Corers (Fieldwork and geophysics)

The laboratory owns or have access to various models of corers that can be used onboard of an oceanographic vessel : piston, gravity or box corer and "multicorer". The laboratory owns also a piston corer that is used on lakes (on frozen lakes or on a special platform). Gravity Core (...)

Sparker SQUID 2000 and SQUID 500 (Fieldwork and geophysics)

A SQUID 2000 sparker from Applied Acoustics is used to acquire high-resolution seismic profiles in several hundred meters of sediments. This instrument is composed of two principal components: a series of hydrophones and a catamaran with the source (up to 2.4 kJ) composed of several series of (...)

Seistec boomer (Fieldwork and geophysics)

The laboratory uses a Seistec boomer from IKB Technologies to acquire very high-resolution seismic profiles in shallower waters than the sparker. This system is composed of an integrated source and receiver. The instrument is connected to a power supply (up to 2,4 kJ) and to the CODA DA2000 (...)

SeaSpy marine magnetometer (Fieldwork and geophysics)

The SeaSpy marine magnetometer is a tow fish measuring the intensity of the magnetic field under the instrument with a high accuracy ( 0,1 nT). SeaSpy marine magnetometer from Marine Magnetics

Klein 5000 v2 side scan sonar (Fieldwork and geophysics)

The laboratory uses a Klein 5000 side scan sonar (455 kHz) for seafloor mapping. Klein 5000 v2 side scan sonar

Trackpoint III positioning system (Fieldwork and geophysics)

The Trackpoint III system of ORE Offshore is used to follow the position of our instruments in real-time during their deployment at sea. An acoustic receiver (USBL) is fixed on the ship in the water and a transmitter (beacon) is fixed on the deployed (...)

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