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Research vessels

The laboratory conducts its geophysical and coring expeditions on board several research vessels and infrastructures. Often used research vessels include the R/V Coriolis II, the ice-breaker CCGS Amundsen, the R/V Louis-Edmond-Hamelin, smaller vessels and diverse foreign vessels.

The R/V Coriolis II (Research vessels)

In close collaboration with REFORMAR, the laboratory contributed to the geophysical and coring capabilities of the R/V Coriolis II. The vessel can now deploy box, gravity, piston and multi-corers. The ship can also map the seafloor and its sediments with precision in shallow and deep waters (...)

CCGS Amundsen (Research vessels)

In the framework of the ArcticNet and Green Edge research programs, the laboratory conducts geophysical surveys and coring on board the CCGS Amundsen. Ice-breaker CCGS Amundsen. Photo: Wikipedia (T. Pichugina)

R/V Louis-Edmond-Hamelin (Research vessels)

In close collaboration with Patrick Lajeunesse (Université Laval), the laboratory conducts research on board the R/V Louis-Edmond-Hamelin. The vessel is equipped with diverse geophysical (multibeam echosounder, side scan sonar and subbottom profiler) and coring equipment (grab sampler and small (...)

Other small boats (Research vessels)

The laboratory also has access to the entire small boat fleet of ISMER.

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