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Postdoctoral fellowship in paleomagnetism (News)

PROJET DESCRIPTION The Institut des sciences de la mer de Rimouski (ISMER) of the Université du Québec à Rimouski (Rimouski, Québec, Canada) is seeking a candidate for a postdoctoral fellowship in paleomagnetism. The project will focus on geomagnetic field modulation of the production rate of (...)

PHD project on natural hazards and paleomagnetism at the Insitut des Sciences de la mer de Rimouski (ISMER) in close collaboration with the Institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP) (News)

In the framework of the CASEIS (SEISmes dans les CAraïbes) research project, a scientific expedition lead by the Institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP) in collaboration with several other French and international institutions will take place in the Caribbean from May 28 to July 4 2016 on (...)

Scientific expedition on board the German Research Vessel Maria S. MerianScientific expedition on board the German Research Vessel Maria S. Merian (News)

November 2015 From August 25 to September 26, Julie Velle, PhD student from the laboratory participated to a scientific expedition on board the R/V Maria S. Merian in the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf, as well as along the coast of Labrador and in Hudson Strait. During this joint expedition (...)

Professor Guillaume St-Onge in a international scientific mission in north of th Alaska (News)

The holder of the Canada Research Chair in Marine Geology, Professor Guillaume St-Onge, is part of an international scientific mission in the Gulf of Alaska from 29th May to 29th July 2013. Thirty scientists from around the world participate at this mission through the Integrated Ocean (...)

MSCL-XCT - Installation december 1st 2011 (News)

MSCL-XCT Installation - December 1st 2011 The laboratory have now a new radiography / tomography instrument for the geological cores. The company Geotek have installed the MSCL-XCT to the lab. This new instrument is able to do 3D images 3D of the relative density anr an image close to the (...)

News April 15th 2011 (News)

New geophysical instruments! The laboratory recently acquired several state-of-the-art marine geophysical instruments including a Klein 5000 v2 high-resolution multi beam side scan sonar (see below figures), an IKB Technologies seistec boomer, an Applied Acoustics Squid 500 sparker and an ORE (...)

News June 15th 2011 (News)

CAT-scan & micro CAT-scan The laboratory recently obtained a GEOTEK MSCL-XCT specifically designed for digital X-ray analysis of sediment cores of up to 150 cm with a resolution of 100-150 cm. In addition, since the core can rotate, computed tomographic reconstructions are also possible. (...)

News July 22th 2010 (News)

Acquisition of a marine magnetometer The laboratory just acquired a Seaspy marine magnetometer and a Sentinel base station from Marine Magnetics with a recent grant from NSERC. These instruments are used together to precisely measure the magnetisation of the sediments in order to detect the (...)

News June 4th 2010 (News)

New instruments for magnetic investigation of sediments The laboratory recently acquired a series of new instruments for magnetic investigation of sediments. The new instruments allow the measurement of high and low frequency magnetic susceptibility, as well as magnetic susceptibility vs. high (...)

News August 26th 2009 (News)

Nomination of Guillaume St-Onge to the Cercle of excellence of the Université du Québec On August 26th, at a ceremony held at the Civilization Museum (Quebec City), the director of the laboratory, Professor Guillaume St-Onge, was nominated to the Circle of excellence of the Université du Québec. (...)

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